Do you own a bar? Increase profits by selling e-Cigs and Vapes!

Are you ready to make more money with an e-Cig vending machine?


Did you know that e-Cigs and Vaporizers are 100% legal to enjoy indoors and in retail locations like taverns, bowling alleys and resturants? That’s great news for bar owners because it means your customers who smoke can simply smoke their e-Cigs and Vaporizers indoors whenever they care to. But what if they run out of their favorite flavors while at your location? That’s where Vapor Vending Machines comes in!

Our state-of-the-art E-Cig & E-VapeVending Machine, with patented technology, provide an economical and simple way to sell e-cigarette and e-vapor products. With our E-Cig & E-Vape Vending Machine, you can quickly see a return on your investment by setting up one of our machines in a high-traffic area and  selling directly to the consumers through a self-service E-Cig & E-Vape vending machines.

E-Cigarette retail shops are among the fastest growing businesses in the US but the problem is that the initial start-up can be hundreds of thousands of dollars. Add to that county fees and permits, plus, on top of that, there are rental space and utilities deposits. But you’ve already got a retail location, right? Well you can install our machine on your property and you can get in on the booming e-Cig market quickly and easily.

Depending on your needs, our machines range from entry level (basic) vending machines all the way up to high-end (deluxe) machines, equipped with advanced technology, such as:

    • Surveillance & theft protection
    • High resolution software that gives you the ability to monitor your stock remotely.
    • Video screen that allows you to feature your e-cig and e-vape stock.
    • A secure Wi-Fi connection that lets you to monitor each transaction in real time.

The electronic cigarette & electronic vapor industry and the vending machine business are both a multibillion dollar a year industry. Now, you can become a part of that world simply by calling us up and getting your machine set up.

Here are some of our most commonly asked questions, along with answers that affirm that the right choice is, of course, a Vapor Vending Machine.

Why should I invest in a Vapor Vending Machine instead of a traditional soda or candy machine?

Currently more than20% of the United States population smokes cigarettes. That’s more than 60 million smokers nationwide. Americans spend over of $90 billion dollars on tobacco products every year. That equates to nearly 400 billion cigarettes sold annually.

Nearly $500 million dollars’ worth of electronic cigarettes were sold in the US during 2011. That number more than doubled to $1.2 billion dollars in 2012!  Only a little more than half of all electronic cigarettes are sold online, which leaves a huge gap in the retail market. You can fill that gap by placing a Vapor Vending Machine in your location!

Should I Get the High-End Vending Machine or the Entry-Level Machine?

This largely depends on the aesthetic of your particular location and how autonomous you want the machine to operate. If you have a traditional “dive” bar that features locals and pool tables and dart boards, an entry-level machine may fit in best at your location. If you’re running a night club or destination bar, our high-end e-Cig machine is a great choice since it’s an attraction that encourages your customers to engage with it. The machine actually sells 20% of it’s goods to first-time e-Cig users who approached the machine out of curiosity.

Are e-Cigs and Vapor Really Legal and Un-Regulated?

E-Vapor liquid is not a food product and, as such, is not required to be regulated by the heath inspectors. At present, there are absolutely NO restrictions placed on the sale of e-Cigs and Vaporizers in the US, aside from the 18+ age restriction.

Does the High-End Vending Machine Feature Identity Verification Options?

Yes. Your buyer needs to swipe his/her ID card, such as driver license through the Card Reader before the purchasing. The entry-level machine does not feature this option, since it operates more like a traditional vending machine. This means it’s only suitable for places like bars or clubs where the customer must be 18+ years to be present anyway.

Are you ready to make the smart choice by adding a Vapor Vending Machine to your retail location? 

Beware: adding a Vapor Vending Machine to your bar or restaurant can cause a sudden influx of cash into your bank account. You have been warned!  

Give us a call at 619-555-1234 and we’ll take care of everything for you. If you have additional questions not already answered here, we’ll be happy to discuss them with you as well.